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Urban power supply company escort at the 2014 Shanghai tourism festival

Date: 2014-09-29

Shanghai tourism festival on September 13, 2014 to October 6, was held in Shanghai, on the opening day parade is always tourism festival is the most interesting "eyes" of the hot spots.Since 1990, Shanghai has successfully held the 23 th tourism festival activities, this year is the 24th.Every autumn harvest season, is its Shanghai urban power supply company to accept the test of the electricity protection tourism festival opening ceremony.
This year, the city company one month in advance is established emergency command center, communicate actively with the superior company and government departments, timely grasp the latest situation and specific requirements, prepare for accidents.After the preliminary screening, this involved a total of three 110 kv of electricity, 1, 4, 10 kv transformer substations of 35 kv switching station;Article 11 the 35 kv, 10 kv overhead line 10, 1 article 0.4 and 22 kv cable distribution within 2 km long road lights dedicated power supply box;There are nearly 20 times square electricity customers.In early September, the city company shipment inspection department began to preserved, cruise, electrical wiring, site and equipment preserved electrical path overhaul;Marketing customer manager on-site inspection to protect electric power facilities, urged customers timely eliminate hidden dangers, equipment to carry out the contacts to keep communication open, to ensure that "someone" at any time, also set up special AB Angle;On September 5, completed the first patrol inspection, even the handle slightly loose ", "a light bulb not bright" such a tiny link were recorded one by one, for getting rid of and timely finished second on September 10, patrol inspection, on September 11, and various professional departments launched a combat at the focus of the random inspection, to ensure "zero defect" bao electric equipment.
On September 12, the opening ceremony parade rehearsal late at night, the evening party on September 13, officially begun, electricity period, so keep full connection, full protection operation, on all the way to protect electricity users to optimize the power supply, safe and reliable guarantee ZhuWangJia;City company insures electricity "team" are 3 hours ahead into the designated "trenches", in order to utilize modern, Jin Pu stand for temporary stagnation, substation and cable operations staff for become involved in the level of bao electric sub-station to carry out the dynamic patrol;Marketing customer manager are to protect the electric field joint customers, regular visits, contact time, fixed-point report.In response to the opening parade the emergency of the day, the city company have arranged emergency rescue team six, including substation 1, 2, line cable 2, 1 the hotline support group.
Late on September 13, 2014, the Shanghai tourism festival carnival cruise successfully visitors dedication to the general public on a bustling visual feast, bright lights, huaihai road as if ignited by "magic" in general, coruscate gives flowery glorious.Population street scene, visitors see China town only line equipment company bao electric eyes.The efforts of the whole, the Shanghai tourism festival electric mission accomplished.