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The Dongding Hotel (Dongding Binguan) is a business hotel adjacent to the shopping and dining on Huaihai Road a convenient five minutes from Xintiandi,  People's Square,  Shanghai Museum and Shanghai  Theater as well as ten minutes from the Oriental Pearl Tower and 20 minutes from Hongqiao International Airport.[View Detail]             

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  • candy2006012
    Hotel was very nice, large space, good location, excellent service, and overall is very good, next time will enjoy!
  • only.77
    Oh well
  • liujiangpeng
    Convenient facilities
  • andyyucn
    Hotel front desk service very good, cleaning lady were particularly warm, next to Shanghai will be elections here.
  • dubanet
    Main station attendant razor, not being a lawyer is really bad, you can put the blame on consumers, a problem they wanted to explain what he explained. Hotel noise as well as paint makes people difficult to sleep all night.
  • e00042809
    New renovated hotel, health services are good, supplies the equivalent of four stars, and cost-effective.
  • A22661888
    Hotel reception staff attitude good, responsive. room facilities, compared with hotels around the same price, better in every way, high cost. convenient, 8th, 4th, 9th Metro station just a few minutes walk, next to Shanghai or will be admitted to the East the old.
  • iloveyufan
    Well, it is a bit expensive.
  • djwang1023
    Very good location next time stay clean
  • e02014414
    Well, stayed for three days, for there to be lived
  • cym7792
    Newly renovated nice than before at the front desk, room as before
  • e00736149
    Shop super good very clean rooms are equipped with first-class sewing kit is close to the subway entrance when it was late for standard room gone before to change the room very nice pillows and the bed was very soft sleep very comfortable and spacious ...
  • ares1211
    Environmental services are good, large bed mattress is more comfortable, to nine homes but medical assistance doctor, we strongly recommend
  • bergstein
    Facility is new, in the decoration of the lobby. little girl at the front desk service is always with a smile on her face. ? ?
  • coal-2
    Bishihe service was much better, cost-effective
  • e00941621
    Is satisfaction of just caught up with rainy days came to hotel lobby of heating is comfortable room also OK second days noon lunch break of when was in knock wall estimated also didn't completely decoration good new decoration of hotel actually didn't odor spirit of to hotel of recommends is hope check out time delay medical report not easy is early out doubt to continued live also is check out check out time too early is trouble 14 points Hou staying should can 14 o'clock Qian check out's hope adopted
  • e03665669
    It wasn't too bad
  • belinda25
    Great hotel very clean rooms are equipped with first-class sewing kit is close to the subway entrance when it was late for standard room gone before to change the room very nice pillows and the bed was very soft sleep very comfortable and spacious ...
  • SwedenL
    Room very good
  • westlife9023
    Hotel is new, stay comfortable!
  • ly8067
    New hotel could be improved, a bit noisy in the morning, some furniture looks vintage, and there are no breakfast, come on
  • pietrolou
    First said advantages's; Hotel public regional new decoration of, atmosphere is good, front desk of service also good, room is big. strongly recommends Marina doctor of patients to here live, with we to visits several beauty nurse is responsible, service is thoughtful, has what problem are can help solution! following said about lacks of place: 1. big bed of mattress also is two small pad spell of! see front small partners of evaluation, this problem has is long has!2. distribution has four a pillow are is as of, too highHas, front desk also no short of pillow can provides, night sleep bad!3.WiFi signal weak, in desk that location with computer signal is not stable, front desk also no cable provides! also has points recommends: 1. now of check out time is 1 o'clock in the afternoon, obsolete will by half charges, such we to visits of morning must to got Marina doctor of orders, or on cannot determine is go also is left! recommends modified into obsolete by hours charges!2. to visits of small sisters many, If live of long not convenient exercise body, hope hotel can provides Yoga pad using, if has a small gym on better's! 3. live had other business hotel, now with intelligent TV of many, as we on cannot only see boring of wired TV also can to hotel save this costs! last total of also is feel good, especially provides of VIP visits service, look forward to downstairs of clinic and restaurant can earlier opened!
  • Alessandra80
    This hotel is very good, large, very comfortable, very recommended
  • emma_d
    Paint a little fed up with the hotel, newly renovated, there could be a way to handle it, staying in is to open the window bed, ventilation, Windows that open and are very noisy. no breakfast, a little inconvenient
  • One April day JJ
    Old snow TV are difficult to see in real life, but in this four star hotel was snow still!
  • jsdtddwangjun
    Mainly work, nearly a point.
  • ASBai
    Amazing and comfortable! by taxi only 20!
  • aanni1615973020
    Very attentive service
  • nicepiano888888
    Clean hotel, good service, Yao Yao da
  • bonfort
    Cheap, very clean, service is good.
  • ending07
    Away from the noisy
  • JOY Lily
    Very convenient, new renovated hotel, overall good
  • bing is a water fall asleep
    Inside the building was under renovation, noisy, tastes great
  • bigyellow
    Often, renovated, but no big difference. prices a lot.
  • jennyED
    Gave me a room in 4 room, just next to the air conditioning outside unit, I couldn't fall asleep at night.
  • e02440898
    Away from the noisy
  • snowjames
    Clean, cheap, good service attitude
  • e01263820
    So so
  • lionelxu
    Nice but some distance from the Metro station fa?ade looks not how but you can find great room the recommended health and General needs to be improved
  • ander0022
    Water enough hot, adjustable to maximum has, also on will on wash wash, was wants to water enough hot words's heating open open, wash out words also not so cold, but boss may sleep of didn't necessary prepared heating's, good's, that on only left air-conditioning has {{{(_)}}}. also has although new decoration of, but quilt, towel and so on are is old of, not know is weather of reasons, quilt feel wet wet of. but worth said of, staff of service attitude is good of quality also good, playingCalls to the front desk tell the waiter was too noisy from the next room, in a Trice, next door, don't argue! what's wrong will actively help you to solve, some things cannot be embarrassed waitress, like hot issues.
  • dujuanlin
    Well next time stay
  • flora2219
    Bathing is such garbage have no hot water the first time encountered such a bad thing for a broken paper just put in that notice a funny frustration was sleeping upstairs in the morning the day before yesterday began construction of drill dongsheng which of the do you want to make? Only top bad review without service level is too low
  • fan1314
    Overall good though not more than a small city hotel guests, were also barbarians
    Hotel very good, space big, location good, service excellent, because housing in the has mosquito, front desk Guy also deliberately buy has a mosquito, free using. hotel if has breakfast on better has, I live of room Wi-Fi signal enough stable, network transmission not soon, is router bad signal Rod bad has? overall for also is very good has of, next to also will to of!
  • malaoda
    Paint paint paint fast second stay at is not the first time that I felt was the seventh to again look forward to key moments of bad taste has nothing to the effect that looks forward to dongsheng
  • e00223383
    Second stay at. very satisfied
  • a fear of a tile floor
    Hotel service is good, environment or, night to of, new decoration of, Hall lights is beautiful, to people front a bright of feel, room is clean, comfortable, to air better, night put Windows open with, may came in has mosquito, has mosquito, also didn't found out mosquito of things, a night didn't sleep good, if can has screens best, lest into mosquito, General very satisfaction!
  • maguopeng
    Very good! Dong Sheng, will choose next time!
  • jerryboyjb
    To nine hospital convenient, waiter attitude is good, hotel for does meet guest, is spent has mind has, night is heating, day is air-conditioning, also has small series is cute, each article for Dong Thanh of comments, small series is spent has mind back and forth should guest, live guest of comments get has respect, so I also will select East sheng, a has human of hotel, just no eat of, if has eat of, I also is pretty looks forward to of _
  • luee219
    New hotel, no breakfast, lobby, but lovely, convenient to nine homes, breakfast very good, hotel guests, it took on a decorative